Artwork by Steve Otis

This is a commissioned work for a client who ordered this piece for her best friend, cat lover who also happens to be quite fond of white mice. She wanted a humoristic and fantastic portrait of a warrior mouse on his mount 🙂

The receiver was very pleased with this unique gift !

Acrylics on canvas (16X20) SOLD !

From the story Audrey and her Little Sun King

Excerpt from The 4-Pawed Clover by Marie-Eve Marion 

« Audrey’s little Sun King also defied death at a very young age and had a rather difficult start in life and growth (since then fortunately remedied with love and good care). But what is certain is that this tiny fulvous tiger has the ability to warm the hearts of everyone around him and all who cross his path. »


This is one of many special commissions that Canadian singer Bruno Pelletier asked Steve to make.

Gaia is Bruno’s dog and he wanted a piece inspired by her. He also commissioned another piece featuring Gaia to offer to the little sweetheart’s dogmom, quite an elegant gesture.

You too can inquire a unique piece by one of Art & Hearts for Cats & Dogs artists 🙂 Click here for more details !


Remember about 2 weeks ago, we presented you the piece « Lady » by Steve Otis ? She was one of the models chosen.

The piece was bought by Lady’s dogmom’s mother as a birthday gift. What the dogmom did not know is that her mother commissioned her other dog. The very handsome Clay.

Here’s the secret piece that was given to the birthday girl a few days ago !

No need to say she was so very moved by both pieces. And the beauty of it all is that 50% of the profits of both artwork was donated to the 3 shelters we support ! Refuge Blitz – Blitz Rescue, Poet’s Vision and Adoption Chats Sans Abri

💙THANK YOU to the buyer and Steve ! 💙

Here’s the beautiful duo « Lady & CLay »