Here’s another creation featuring emerging from our model search !

Saffron’s percentage, by Jerome Prieur (mixed media on wood, 12X12)

Here a beautiful text from Jerome, explaining the creative process of this beautiful piece

« Vision loss in a dog is something I know a lot about. My late dog also became almost blind with age.

Aside from being one of the many beautiful dogs from the art and hearts model call, Saffron’s condition is what inspired me to create this art piece.

For a few days I went back and forth juggling between one idea to another, I was still very indecisive about the concept of the painting. My first inspiration was a video of a dog looking up at snow falling. I first took a direction of creating a piece by giving Saffron his sigh back, but I nixed that idea. I chose to experience the painting with his current status of blindness in mind instead.

It all came clear to me when I was at the grocery store 2 weeks ago in the fruits and vegetables section. Beware of artists that suddenly stop in awe and mumble things in the most unlikely places:-) I never took the time to admire the overwhelming sea of beautiful colors there are in a grocery store and I tried to imagine what it would feel like to see it only with 5%, knowing that Saffron is 95% blind.

When I came home, I dug out every color I could find. Crayons, paints and pencils. I filled the art piece with every single one of them for many hours. But as the piece progressed, I kept fading the colors, taking away the vivid and colourful world I was creating as blindness would.

The painting about Saffron is a memory bank in some way of all the colors he witnessed his whole life. Every time I added white, a percentage of colors went away, but I memorised them all for him. »

This artwork was bought by Saffron’s mom  and 30% of the profits will go to the 3 animal refuges we support.

Please email us for any inquiries or commissioned work :

Here’s the photo reference used byJerome to create his piece !

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