We are happy to present you the beautiful piece « Look up » by Jerome Prieur.

Another piece inspired by one of our models. This is a tribute to sweet Daysie who is now in rainbow bridge.

Look up was bought by Daysies’s dogmom and we thank her as 30% of the profits will be donated to the shelters supported by Art & Hearts for Cats and Dogs.

Here’s the touching text written by Jerome about his artistic process and insparation for this piece

Look up (Jerome Prieur 2021)

Mixed media (engraved Lucite, wood, metal finials, acrylic, ink and crayons)

8.5D x 17H x 7W inches

Daysie was part of the second model call batch sent to us artists by Art and hearts. Of all models to choose from, I selected Daysie among other ones I will be working on in a near future.

Daysie’s picture intrigued I lot at first glance. It was weird because of her picture in itself was slightly blurry in contrast to other models posing in sharp and defined pictures. Yet, I was drawn to her picture and I felt there was something about her to discover.

I also had a strange feeling about something else…

I asked Art and hearts to inquire Daysie’s back story to guide my curiosity. After receiving the email in response to my request, I guessed right that Daysie is no longer with us, which was that strange feeling I had.

Her dogmom wrote one paragraph, and that was plenty inspiring for me to get started on her tribute piece entitled –Look up-.

The said paragraph; her words are in French, and I prefer to leave it integral as it was the source and the language of my inspiration. Google translate if need be!

J’ai eu Daysie alors qu’elle était très jeune, 4 semaines à peine. Elle est née à Lameque au Nouveau Brunswick. Grâce à elle, j’ai évité une dépression due à une séparation. J’ai découvert l’agilité avec elle, même si elle était toute petite, à peine 10 livres. Dans le club d’agilité un ami m’a fait connaître mon conjoint, donc c’est grâce à elle que je suis encore maintenant avec lui. Elle a été la grande sœur de deux autres chiens qui sont maintenant avec elle aussi

This piece is about Daysie of course, but also based on the story of her dogmom in her company.


I have a revolving small mirror in my bathroom, the magnifying type. Known for its use for applying makeup, men also find them useful too (nose hair, occasional zitsJ), the idea for Daysie’s piece came from my mirror.

I decided to build the frame for Daysie’s portrait mimicking an expensive and chic New York store’s high end countertop magnifying mirror. I wanted the overall look of the piece to shine like an old Hollywood movie where the starlet applies her make up looking down and feels like diamond seeing her metamorphosis.

I painted Daysie as the mirror part and reflection, as a memory for her being there when her dogmom’s soul began to struggle. I have a good feeling Daysie always looked up to her and made her feel better and worth looking ahead no matter what. In result, I had to find a way for the art piece to be at an angle looking up.

It was important for me to create this piece keeping in mind that we often believe that even in death, our lost 4 legged animals look down to us from heaven; I wanted to reverse this famous quote and recreate a -look up- position in this art piece instead.

Pet therapy is a known practice and truly beneficial for us humans. Upon the words of Daysie’s dogmom, this little gem of a dog provided this privilege her own way for her. When depression is about to hit, we look down staring at the ground, we tend to do so in order to avoid the hurt, the anger, the despair.

I am sure that even being almost ground level, petite Daysie would look up to her dogmom and threw her everlasting love back free of charge, as animals naturally do for us.

The title –Look up- is as important as the piece itself. It is about Daysie’s presence, always looking up to for her dogmom to look straight ahead in return.

Daysie was no coincidence. She was the trigger of the wonderful and positive chain of events that followed.

It was Daysie’s path of giving, even though I know close to nothing about her and dogmom; I know Daysie was here for a beautiful reason.

This, I know for sure.

Jerome Prieur 2021

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