This is the newset piece of Jerome, inspired by model Missy and her adoptive brother Shadow ! Their Dog Mom purchased this unique creation without hesitation ! 30% of the profits will be donated to the 3 shelters we support!

Here’s Jerome’s write up about his piece :

From the art and hearts model call, I picked Missy as my fifth model. She is blind and deaf and recently moved from Ottawa to Vancouver with her brother Shadow. I was curious to know how Missy’s transition went due to this big move. I asked this question to her dogmom and here is her answer.

« Missy is actually having a better transition than Shadow. She is so laid back, while Shadow is a nervous wreck sometimes..! »

Back home, she used to constantly spin on the wooden bridges that were in our neighborhood’s park. Since arriving in Vancouver, there are no nearby wooden bridges but we often walk past a Pizza restaurant and Missy automatically locks her front legs and refuses to move any further so that she can get a good sniff of the Pizzas!

Missy is overconfident and continues to often walk ahead of you even if she has no idea where she’s going. We take her on small hikes (10km is usually her max distance) and she loves our new beach walks. She is definitely loving her new Vancouver lifestyle!

I decided to create Missy’s piece with humoristic elements, a feeling of adventure, pizza, and walking ahead!

I had this orange acrylic circle thing in my art stuff that I never knew what to do with. I used it to create an object that somewhat resembles a pizza. Then, I engraved pizza ingredients on it but in words (anchovies, sauce, Mozza, sauce, etc.)

My first idea was to write the ingredients in brail for Missy’s paw to read and discover what makes pizzas smell so good! But I don’t know brail at all so I engraved the words instead.

The background and details surrounding Missy’s portrait are adorned with race flag patterns and festive ornaments.

I wanted to create a whirlwind of color shapes and lines to represents Missy’s energy and her spinning addiction! Even though the little Ottawa wooden bridges are now far away, I painted one as a memory in a medallion in the center of the pizza (Missy’s new obsession)

Shadow has a cameo in her sister’s piece. There was one picture of him sent to me that’s made me go… Aweeee hahaha! That dog seems to have a lot of questions!? His facial expression is priceless, as if he was waiting for many answers, I couldn’t resist adding him to the piece.

Blind, deaf (or both) dogs are admirable. They never cease to amaze me.

Wishing you a fantastic west coast new life, precious dogs!

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