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The 4 Pawed Clover

The 4 Pawed Clover is first of all a book for animals, since its main goal is to help four rescues: Adoption Chats Sans Abri, Blitz Rescue, Sheba’s Haven and Animal Rescue Network, all chosen with care on the basis of their mission and their ethical, no-kill approach.

This book is also intended as a haven for humans – for those who love animals, photography and reading. It comprises two principal parts. The first consists of brief texts inspired by the bright little faces of cats and dogs, whose looks and expressions communicate so much. The second part, the heart of the book, recounts touching stories of animals adopted from shelters or those that were lucky enough to be rescued by kind, sensitive humans who were ready to offer them a second (or nth) life, filled with love and good care.

« Loving a herding dog is like wearing a perfume that you never get tired of, it’s like feeling a caress on your cheek when your
heart is aching. It’s like crawling into a warm and cosy bed on a cold winter night. It’s tasting the soothing autumn sun in the late
afternoon… it’s all that and more… »

« Let’s wait for the night when your pupils will enlarge and I can get lost in them so that I can see the story of your ancestors who were worshipped in ancient Egypt…. »

 » Mylène says that before deciding to adopt Carbone, she wondered if she would be able to take good care of two dogs. She pauses and says she realized that « love cannot be divided, it multiplies.

She is fascinated by the resilience of dogs, their ability to forgive, to put things behind them and to get over such great trials in so little time.« 

« Like the magnificent sakura trees, some animals are probably less tame and more complicated than others, but what is certain is that they all deserve the same (if not a greater) dose of love and good care, to allow them to blossom at their own pace and then to amaze us with their dazzling flowers and intoxicate us with their exquisite fragrances. »

« Time helps to alleviate some of the burden left by their absence. The mind deals with a lot of things, but… to describe the dizziness that grips me when I think of them, their attentive eyes, the smell of their paws, their warmth against me and their impressive ability to live in the present moment seems to me a Herculean task. For these few elements are only the tip of the iceberg of love that we shared all these years, and that is why my heart becomes as big as a full moon when these memories are thrown at me like a force of nature that can surge up at any moment. »

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The 4 Pawed Clover is also available in french under the title « Le Trèfle à 4 pattes« 

Marie-Eve also wrote and published the children’s book Florentine et Galliath, beautifully illustrated by her husband Steve Otis – Artist.