Rescues we support

Sheba’s Haven rescues palliative/special needs dogs with life-limiting non-curative illnesses

Those dogs who have limited quality of life, live out their lives in a well balanced environment as part of the owner’s family. All their rescued dogs enjoy this setting and are free to roam indoors or outside in the fenced 3 acre property.

Sheba’s Haven Rescue is a non-profit organization that relies on the public’s generous support.

The organization Adoption Chats Sans Abri, born thanks to the community and supported by it, responds to the needs of the community which, aware of the importance of its environment, wishes to prevent its degradation by controlling the feline population in particular. In addition, an awareness is being raised regarding our responsibility for all other animal life forms. Through our relationship with animals, this social movement contributes to a better community well-being.

The organization’s mission is to offer the entire population alternative services based on the values of responsibility and prevention with a concern for the environment and animals, to promote physical and psychological health in humans through feline presence and zootherapy, and to develop the democratic life of the citizens through their involvement in the corporation.

Rescue Blitz is a shelter for dogs of all breeds, located in the Quebec City area and operating solely through a network of foster families and volunteers, which means that there are no kennels. All dogs are placed in foster care for a minimum period of two weeks before they are put up for adoption.

Unlike the more usual kennel placement style, this allows volunteers to properly assess the dogs’ temperament. The « carers » are therefore in a better position to evaluate the type of family that is appropriate for each dog in order to maximize the chances of a permanent and definitive adoption that will be a joyful experience for both the dog and the adoptive family.

All canine companions available for adoption are sterilized, vaccinated, treated against parasites and microchipped, and receive additional veterinary care if necessary.

ARN is a non-profit organization (NPO) that was founded in 1994 by former members of the SPCA. Their goal was to set up a no-kill shelter as an alternative for wounded, abandoned or lost animals. The organization consists of only volunteers who, through their dedication, provide a second chance to ill, abandoned and/or abused cats. 

ARN is a no-kill shelter for cats, as well as a network of foster homes where abandoned cats can be given care and warmth. The shelter is divided into various rooms, some of which are dedicated to animals requiring special care while awaiting a welcoming home. No animal is euthanized unless it is ill or suffering from an incurable disease.

A.R.N joins forces with the community in order to help animals living in an environment where they are neglected or where they are wandering and at risk of dying. All the rescued animals are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Additionally, we provide neutering services at low prices for the public. We believe that by encouraging and facilitating the neutering of pets, we can help fight overpopulation.